Trade Cryptocurrency Like an expert with OFNOG

The OFNOG Solution monitor the market trends and trading patterns on various exchanges and trading platforms for multiple cryptocurrency and crypto-fiat pairs. With the use of specialized tools, the platform will analyze the data and identify suitable entry opportunities to place orders for better prof it margins. The platform has dedicated strategies designed to enable short span trades in the range of few minutes to potentially achieve smaller profit margins. In addition, the platform will also include other trading strategies to suit the requirements of different traders.

Use of monitoring solution and OFNOG AI engine to generate trading signals. The Ofnog solution monitors and collects information from various exchanges and supplies it to the AI engine. The AI engine analyses the data, generates signals based on predictions and shares it with users.

Representation of the user action after receiving trading signal from the OFNOG AI engine. Users on the platform can either choose to manually execute the trades on the application or let Automation bot take over and place orders on their behalf, resulting in profitable trades.

The system consciously incorporates a simple user interface to further simplify the whole trading experience. Whenever the tracking solution aka market monitor solution identify a trading pattern that signifies a profitable opportunity, it pushes the signal to the users over the OFNOG platform on their computer or smart phone. The signal will include vital information of the trading opportunity including but not limited to the asset price, quality, volume, charts etc. The recipient can refer to these signals and if they wish to make use of the opportunity, can enter the amount to be invested and the desired profit margin (the margin should be in the range stated by the signal) within the same application.

After receiving the user input, the trading automation bot kicks in and starts placing orders on supported exchange’s over the connection established through APIs. The bot will continue tracking the order until its execution. If, by any chance the market doesn't act favorably, the bot will initiate a stop loss function to prevent losses for the user.


OFNOG Ltd. is an IT organization formed by a team of seasoned IT professionals from fortune 500 organizations like IBM, HP, HPE, AT&T background.

OFNOG is a unique crypto trading solution designed to simplify cryptocurrency trading through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning technology to enable traders to trade more effectively and accurately. The OFNOG concept combines a complete suite of existing, as well as a host of proprietary OFNOG-developed applications, which will aid in laying out profitable cryptocurrency trading strategies for OFNOG platform users.

Use of OFNOG Tokens in the Ecosystem

The OFNOG token is a utility token native to the OFNOG cryptocurrency trading signals and automation platform. The OFNOG token is a ERC20 token created over Ethereum blockchain. The maximum cap for OFNOG token will be set at 500,000,000, to be distributed across multiple crowdsale stages. A portion of the tokens will be set aside to cover development, operations and marketing purposes. The stakeholders will receive a small portion of the tokens, with an effective lock-out period of 6 Months.


OFNOG aims for the platform to provide the highest level of accuracy, and as such has based its operation on AI and Deep Learning algorithms, which are the latest, cutting-edge methods in real-time data scraping, trending trend, and future price forecasting. The OFNOG platform forecasting model will "collect and analyze data from multiple market indicators like Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Bollinger Bands (BB), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MAC/D), Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Ultimate Oscillators", in an effort to provide a clear overview of the market forces at work, which, in turn, will help users come up with their own trading strategies.

All information collected is relayed in the form of a signal to users, who can then elect to either place orders manually, or take advantage of the OFNOG's platform automated trading bot feature, that can both execute trades, or pause them, in the event of losses.

ICO Roadmap

Token Distribution

Out of the total 500,000,000 OFNOG tokens, the platform will be making 50% (250,000,000 OFNOG) of them available to the crowdsale participants. Another 125,000,000 tokens, which makes up 25% of the total tokens will be assigned for bonus and discount campaigns while the rest – 125,000,000 (25%) will be used for bounty promotions and as stakeholder’s share. The founders/stakeholders’ share of tokens will be subject to a 1-year vesting period and a 6-month long cliff. Meaning, the team members can access their portion of the tokens only 6 months after the completion of token sale.

Product Roadmap

Management Experience


1 What is OFNOG token?

It is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum open source system, having smart contract allowing for seemless integration and deployment on the Ethereum block chain.

2 How can I buy OFNOG token?

You can buy OFNOG Tokens from the Dashboard tab. Select your payment method, enter the amount you want to buy, click Purchase. You will get an address along with the amount of currency to be paid. After making successful payment, your tokens will be credited to you within 2 Hrs. You can check your order status in Order History tab.

3 What will happen if I have sent partial payment?

If you have sent partial payment then our system will provide you 24hrs to complete your payment, and if you fail to do so, then we will credit OFNOG tokens equivalent to the received amount.

4 What will happen if I have sent excess payment?

If you have sent excess payment, then we will credit OFNOG tokens equivalent to the received amount.

5 How many orders can I place at a time?

At most you can have 2 open orders at a time. If you want to make a new purchase order then either make complete payment for existing orders and close them or Cancel one of the open orders.

6 How long does it take for transactions to get processed?

As soon as your payment for the open order gets 3 confirmations, OFNOG tokens will be credited in your OFNOG account.

7 What is Gas ? And why is it required for transaction?

All transactions on the Ethereum network charge a small fee called “gas” to compensate miners to approve and add the transaction to the ledger.

8 What gas limit and gas price should be set do ETH transaction?

Set Gas Limit to 21,000 (which is the default limit). Set gas price to 20 Gwei to maximise the chances of executing your transactions. Best thing about this is that, unused gas is automatically and immediately refunded to the user.

9 Do we have any bonus with OFNOG tokens?

We will have "Holding Bonus" after the ICO. The bonus percentage will depend upon the period of time your tokens are with us. For Example, If someone withdraws their OFNOG tokens after six months from the date of ICO Ending, they will get 25% bonus tokens.